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V2 Series

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Fully Autonomous Solar-Powered Helium Particulate Matter Air Quality Sensor

My Fully Autonomous Solar-Powered LoRaWAN/Helium Particulate Matter Air Quality Weather Station is a low-maintenance and unique way to capture environmental data.

It measures particulate matter 1.0, 2.5, 4.0, 10.0 μg/m3 along with temperature, humidity, pressure, battery level, orientation (accelerometer x,y,z) and location (GPS).

This station has several important differentiators from other weather stations: Here is how it is constructed. It uses off-the-shelf components combined with my firmware development company's (Firmware Modules) unique IoT operating system.

Measurement Earth V2 Sensor Insides

More details can be found in my Hackster writeup A Blockchain Powered Sensor System Using Helium Network

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